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Warped: Pandemic Politics

I sat down to write this piece more than two months ago, before a wave of work and family pressures left it stranded amidst the weeds of countless other unfinished efforts.

I didn’t get beyond the opening sentence: “Hats off to Justin Trudeau.”

Five measly words; but words that never in a jillion years did I imagine I would ever tap into my keyboard.

I haven’t been the Prime Minister’s biggest fan, to put it mildly; that a man with no discernible credentials ended up at the helm of our country remains an enduring source of bafflement (unless wavy-haired good looks and a famous last name stack up to “credentials”).

But on the evening of December 14th I felt the man deserved his due. The day had brought great hope and abundant promise: the first Canadians had been immunized against Covid-19, beginning with 89-year-old Gisele Levesque, a resident at the Saint-Antoine long-term care home in Quebec City.

It was “V-Day”, declared retired general Rick Hillier, appointed by Trudeau as immunization task force leader. It was, he said, as though somebody had lit a match “to help us see our way out of the abyss and the darkness.”