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Tyler Shandro And All That Is Hole-y

Trust dies

but mistrust blossoms


There’s scarcely a canon as packed with simple truth as the First Law of Holes:

“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” 

The original version, published in 1911 by The Washington Post, stated it thusly: “Nor would a wise man, seeing that he was in a hole, go to work and blindly dig it deeper.”

Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro, by that reckoning, is as acquainted with wisdom as East is with West. 

Mind you, to state that Mr. Shandro dug himself a hole in his dealings with the province’s doctors is to make a mockery of the word “hole”.  So ferociously did he dig, and with such unbridled intensity, that he excavated a crater the size of the Grand Canyon.