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“Fight? What Fight?” The Dystopian World of Shantasia

“There’s only two people in your life you should lie to,” Jack Nicholson once said, “The police and your girlfriend.”

He was kidding.  I think.

Were all politicians to begin living by Jack’s creed, it would be a reformation unparalleled among the legions of sinners come to repentance. For too many of that class, lying seems to come as naturally as breathing.

Consider, for instance, the whopper trotted out by Health Minister Tyler Shandro in the Alberta legislature earlier this month: “There was no fight with the Alberta Medical Association.” 

Delivered hard on the heels of the epic battle Mr. Shandro has been waging with Alberta’s doctors, it was a nose-stretcher for the ages — Pinocchio’s schnozz was a dimple by comparison.