Did You Know This Is Happening In Canada?

Behind bars“The truth shall set you free,” advises the old canon.

Unless you’re a criminal, that is.  Then the truth will land you in prison.  That’s how the justice system works, most of the time.

Roughly 40,000 convicts are presently locked away in the fifty-three federal and provincial prisons scattered across Canada. The vilest of the perps (the murderers, the rapists, and the pedophiles) are punished with lengthy consignments to the most secure of these institutions; eight federal maximum-security prisons are needed to house them all – and almost all of them are men.

Women commit crimes too, but at far lower rates and attended by much less violence and predation, a fact reflected by the lower security and gentler living conditions typical of female prisons (there’s not a single dedicated maximum-security institution for women in Canada).  The Institutional Mother-Child Program even allows incarcerated mothers to raise their children in prison until the age of four.

The prison milieu for men is much, much harsher.  It’s no surprise, then, that scheming male convicts doing hard time would take full advantage of Canada’s newfound “woke-ness” around gender fluidity, as enshrined into law two years ago by “An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (Bill C-16).

The Act deems “gender expression” and “gender identity” to be protected grounds under the Canadian Human Rights Act and adds them to existing Criminal Code provisions on hate propaganda and aggravating factors in sentencing.

Gender fluidity fever has raged across the developed world in recent years, with Canada proudly at the forefront.  A whole new language has sprung up to accommodate the new “reality”.  By its lingo, men and women are no longer simply men and women – they are cis-men and trans-men, cis-women and trans-women.

I first encountered the terms cis and trans many years ago in school, not in the context of sexuality but of organic chemistry, wherein they serve as handy descriptors of scientifically provable molecular properties.  The concept of cis and trans as applied to human gender is not as cleanly verifiable, suffice it to say.  Yet the notion underpins the gender fluidity ideology that has become rooted in our culture as if it is settled science.  “Transwomen are women”, activists chant manically, and woe to anyone who disagrees, biological reality be damned.

The passage of C-16 was like manna from heaven for rapists, murderers, and pedophiles.  It provides a handy little loophole by which predatory male convicts can declare new identities as “women”, demand transfer to women’s prisons, and presto: easier time behind bars and – even better – access to the vulnerable populations they terrorized before they were caught.

In October of 2018, for instance, a Quebec City man convicted of sexually assaulting his three-year-old daughter quickly transitioned to womanhood to avoid the frontier justice assuredly awaiting him in the men’s lockup.  Not only did this creep get off with only an eighteen-month sentence, he was permitted to serve his sentence in a women’s facility.  (It’s unknown to the public whether the Institutional Mother-Child Program, allowing him proximity to children, is in effect at that prison.)

You may be somewhat surprised to learn that biological men have been serving time in women’s prisons since well before Bill C-16 was passed.  As of 2001, men who endured sex reassignment surgery (SRS) could apply for accommodation in a women’s federal prison.

Adam Laboucan, who sexually assaulted a three-month old baby boy in Quesnel, B.C., injuring him so horrifically that he required reconstructive surgery, is currently housed in the Fraser Valley Institution for Women in British Columbia, a prison that participates in the Mother-Child Program.  He resides there as “Tara Desousa”, having undergone SRS, complete with DD breast implants.

Incidentally, the cost of sex reassignment surgery for Canadian prisoners is fully covered by taxpayers; Adam’s new breasts alone cost you and I an estimated $10,000.  This while military veterans “are asking for more than we can give.”

Matthew Harks is a serial pedophile convicted of three sexual assaults on girls under the age of eight.  He’s had SRS and until recently was ensconced as “Madilyn” in Ontario’s Grand Valley Institution for Women. His transition apparently did little to mitigate his predatory tendencies.  He sexually assaulted two female inmates while in prison, women who were “child-like in appearance.”

The passage of Bill C-16 in 2017 poured a truck-load of kerosene on this dumpster fire.  Now anything goes.  No need to take hormones or have surgery to remove or modify one’s parts.  An enlightened Canada allows male convicts to simply declare “I am a woman!”, and poof – it is so.

Scant attention has been paid to this by Canadian media.  That may be due to the fact that no-one cares overmuch about the plight of female convicts – i.e. “you got what you deserved”; or perhaps it’s due to the fraught reality of our current social climate, in which drawing attention to this sort of thing gets one buried immediately by furious charges of transphobia.

That hasn’t stopped April Halley.  Ms. Halley, a bold, independent sleuth of remarkable talent, has made it her mission to expose the erasure of safe spaces for Canadian women, particularly vulnerable women in prison.

Her digging led her to pen an exposé, bravely published by Quillette last Saturday: Male-Bodied Rapists Are Being Imprisoned With Women. Why Do so Few People Care?  (Even the most depraved imagination could not have conjured up such a headline 25 years ago).

It’s a riveting, sobering read.

Corrections Canada (CSC) repeatedly refused to divulge even the most basic information to Ms. Halley.  But she was like a dog with a bone, pestering CSC into finally revealing that between June 2017 and December 2018 eight men had been transferred from male to female prisons.

These were transfers, mind you – which says nothing whatsoever of men, like the aforementioned Quebec City pervert, who are sent directly to women’s facilities, or of biologically male criminals who are already there.  The total number of female prison beds occupied by men in this country is unknown – other than to Corrections Canada, presumably.

Of those eight men, seven had been convicted of a violent crime: two of first-degree murder, three of second-degree murder, and two of “Schedule I” offences (which includes sexual offences and other violent crimes excluding first and second-degree murder).

This squares with data from the the UK, which is similarly “woke” when it comes to gender self-identification prison policy: convicted sexual predators and dangerous offenders make up 48% of transgender prisoners in England and Wales.

#Loveislove, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted giddily when Bill C-16 was passed into law in Canada, so overcome was he by his government’s success in reweaving Canada’s social fabric.

Love is love. It sounds warm and wonderful, all sparkles and sunshine.

But reality is somewhat darker for the more than 18 million Canadian women and girls who now live under a law that threatens their safe spaces and their female identities.

It’s worth noting that Mr. Trudeau swept into office in 2015 as a great champion of Indigenous women.  His government commissioned, with great fanfare, the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) inquiry.  It’s mandate: “To assess the root causes of the violence against Indigenous women and girls.”

Yet Mr. Trudeau’s government (with the support of many Conservative MPs, it must be said) blindly enacted a policy that imprisons male predators with women: this in a country in which fully 40% of 800 female prison spaces are occupied by indigenous women – even though they comprise only 4.3% of the female population.  “What a friend we have in Justin” isn’t likely to join the First Nations’ storied repository of sacred songs.

Canadians may not give a fig, collectively, about the plight of imprisoned Indigenous women.  But Mr. Trudeau professed to care deeply.  Ah, but there’s the rub, you see.  Entire galaxies could be inserted between what the man says and what he actually does.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama, who enacted similar gender-self-ID prison policy in the U.S. in 2012, made a big splash this week with his wildly inappropriate and unprofessional endorsement of Mr. Trudeau in the waning days of Canada’s federal election.  “The world needs his progressive leadership right now,” he opined grandly.

We are expected to swoon with ecstasy in front of the high-minded sanctimony that issues forth from such leaders.  But even pre-schoolers have no trouble understanding that locking foxes into henhouses isn’t awesome for the hens. If Justin and his best-bro Barack were able to see past the end of their “progressive”, patrician noses (they can’t), they might grasp that a policy which imprisons predators with prey isn’t so great for the prey.

When April Halley openly challenged the prime minister on this issue at a campaign stop in September, he blathered: “We make sure that Corrections Canada keeps the safety of all prisoners at top of mind every step of the way.”

Unless you’re a woman, it seems.  Then your safety is secondary.

Such is the environment that Bill C-16 has fostered in Canada that Morgane Oger was able to successfully petition Vancouver city council to strip funding from the Vancouver Rape Crisis Centre (the oldest such resource in Canada) because of its policy excluding biologically male transwomen from the vicinity of severely traumatized victims of sexual assault.

The B.C. Human Rights Act, “modernized” to keep in step with Bill C-16, is being wielded by Jonathan cum Jessica Yaniv in Vancouver to sue poor immigrant women of colour who refused to wax his balls.  Every woman deserves the right to a smooth scrotum, by Yaniv’s twisted metric.

This nonsense is happening right under our noses; for a country so woke we certainly are fast asleep.

It’s only a matter of time, perhaps, before notorious rapist and murderer Paul Bernardo avails himself of his legal right to transition and demands repatriation to a women’s facility as “Pauline”.

Perhaps then Canadians will at long last wake up.

Love is love, certainly.  But also truth is truth.

I know full well that this essay is likely to be met, in the upside-down culture of our time, with unhinged cries of “intolerance”.

That charge is true, insofar as  I’m utterly intolerant of dangerous,unmitigated stupidities that threaten Canadian women.

You may not like what I have to say.

But George Orwell had it right: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr Les. But just thinking these thoughts is a crime to the thought police. The book, 1984, is a manual to them, not a warning of danger ahead.

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